Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

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Bathrooms can be one of the important areas of your home because we need to use it every day of our lives. Although its functionality is the main reason for its existence, applying some tricks that can improve its overall aesthetic value can make it one of the most relaxing parts of the home.

One thing to consider is the space. If the bathroom is too small and you feel cramped and claustrophobic, something can be done without resorting to tearing down the walls or going through an exhausting bathroom remodeling project. It can be accomplished with some illusion tricks.

Lighting . The use of recessed lights especially when the ceiling is low is a good idea. Decorative lighting can catch attention, so they’re not so good. On the other hand, the addition of extra lighting gives the bathroom an “open” look. If the budget allows it, a large window can add depth to a small bathroom.

Color. Whites, creams, and soft pastels for the color scheme can make the room seem larger than it is. Dark colored tiles and walls seem to shrink the space. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t use bright colors. They can be used for accessories, towels, and accents to give some excitement and break the monotony.

Mirrors – they are popularly used for expanding the looks of a room. Put a large one in the vanity area, or put a collection of smaller-sized mirrors arranged strategically.

Furniture and Fixtures. If it is possible, select the bathroom fixtures according to the space you have. The vanity cabinet can eat a lot of space in the bathroom, so it may be moved to the bedroom. A pedestal sink or a wall-mounted one can be inexpensive, and provide a lot of floor space. Hanging racks, wall shelves, and other knick-knacks on the wall will have to go if it makes the room look cluttered and smaller. Plan the storage spaces in other areas nearby for the linen and toiletries.

The planning and designing of the bathroom is a pretty big task. However, with your creativity and good taste, it can be exciting for you and your family when you have accomplished your goal in expanding the space without really enlarging the floor area.

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