Common Errors in Window Installation That Should be Avoided

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Do you have plans on installing new windows? Or have you already bought an exquisite set of windows that fits both your taste and preference and goes along with your budget or you’re simply persuaded with the endorser’s convincing sales talk on your window installation plans.

Now, the real essence of the windows does not entirely lie on its name, price and advertisements. The challenge lies on how these good quality windows are installed on which is, oftentimes, not done properly. This is the common mistake of some contractors due to lack in funds or time is running out for this to be done.

There are two (2) common errors in installing windows, the “Piggybank” and the “Screw and Glue” methods. Piggybank refers to the placing of new windows over the old frames without changing its old structure. With this method, things like these can happen:

  • First, it would make your windows a little bit smaller for it would be adjusted since the new windows installed will be placed over the old frame that exactly fits the old windows removed. This will affect the installed window’s frame and size as well.
  • Since the old frames were not removed, it can result in leaks. It’s because the new window is not exactly the same size with the old window on which is paired up with the old frame. When the rain pours on it, rainwater may run through the leak that may lead to rotting. In this case, new windows are moved since the old frame is damaged due to rotting. And this worsens the scenario.

The second error in window installation process is the Screw and Glue method. This is done by simply screwing the window to an opening for easier installment. It’s like putting a new nail to an old hole to save time hammering to create a new hole for the nail. Few contractors commit this kind of error due to immediate complaints following the completion of the installation. If you experience such type of installation mistake, it is much better to forget about the whole installation procedure, as it is not effective anyway. It would save your time, effort and money as it would just aggravate the damages further.

Proper window installation can be carried out by instructing the contractor to remove the old frames to avoid future leakages. Aside from that, check if there‘s still some opening and have it done by breaking down through it. With this, the money you spend on the purchase of such windows will be well spent for it is properly installed.. It will give you further comfort, security and beauty. Placing the right window at the right spot in the right frame is just one of the many ways to not just beautify our house but make it durable as well.

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