Things You Should Know Before You Build A Deck Or Patio

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An outdoor deck is the extension of your house. It is a space that can add functionality and beauty to your home. If you’re contemplating to add a deck by yourself, you might realize that it is a difficult task, unless you’re in the construction business and you’re a hands-on expert on the matter. Deck building entails a lot of carpentry and engineering skills, so it is best to hire a professional deck contractor or a home improvement contractor.

At the planning stage of the construction, the home improvement contractor may want to know your purpose why you want to add a deck or a patio so he can suggest designs accordingly. Perhaps, you want the extra space for some private coffee chat, or you may want to entertain your buddies in it. It’s a great area for dining with friends, for barbeque parties, or simply maintaining your gardening hobby. You can also have a pool on it for family bonding.

A deck should complement the structure of the house, and not overwhelm it. It is nice to keep it simple, so it does not “overshadow” the beauty of your home.  With this frame of mind, the physical aspect is now considered. Points for discussion would be the materials to be used, the railings, and also the location.

Location. Is it to be built on the spot where the sun rises or sets? The shades, the rain and snow are also considered.

Materials. Usually, wood is used for decks. Most popular choices are redwood, cypress and cedar for the reason that they are weather-resistant. Treated wood, which contains preservatives, may also be used.

Railings. They are the safety features of the deck. Nobody wants to fall off the deck, so railings are installed. There are a lot of beautiful designs in the market, and some of them are intricately carved. Find out what goes with the theme of your house. Metal railings are just as lovely as wood.

If the deck is located on the second floor, what goes on under it? This should also be a part of the planning. The deck can be the focal point of the house, so what is found below it is part of the over-all picture of the house.

As for the safety considerations, the railings are not the only element to think of, but also the weight capacity. Even if it’s beautifully designed, you need to think of those beams if it is sturdy enough to hold your deck. The wood finish should be smooth so that splinters won’t get into your (and your guest’s) hands and fingers.

Your able deck contractor should remind you of the local building codes in your area, and the need to procure a building permit, if the local government requires it.

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