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A roof is not only essential to the basic house structure, it is also the protection you need to make your home energy efficient, free from damage from leaks, and to make a “first-look” statement of value for your home. The Lansing roofing contractors at Raven Enterprises understand your needs, and will provide a quality product in service, planning, construction management, meeting and exceeding construction timelines with prompt efficiency and will always adhere to the detailed specifications of our manufacturer’s installation guidelines so your warranty is protectedRaven will provide you with the home-enhancing roof that will add to the value of your home, and do it with the construction efficiency well-known in the greater Lansing community, expediting the process of obtaining building permits and inspections as well.

There are many products suitable for Michigan roofs, and Raven has them! Whether you need a repair or entirely new roof for your home or business, you will find Raven roofing experts well-skilled in the construction of every roof from an asphalt shingle or slate roof to a metal roof.  Hail damage an issue?  We can repair that, too.  Our only goal is to provide you with the roofing enhancement you need, and to do so efficiently, from the start-up of planning to the final clean-up – that is a Raven guarantee.  We will be happy to provide references from our loyal customers – you have only to ask!


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