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Choosing Your Contractor

Choose your home remodeler carefully…you will want a remodeler who will treat your home as you would!

For starters, what should I ask a prospective remodeler?

  • What percentage of your business is repeat or referred business?
  • Is there a guarantee in place for your work?
  • Who will be in charge of the remodeling job?
  • Do you carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance? (Don’t forget – you can ask for a copy!)
  • Do you have General Liability Insurance? (You can ask for a copy of this as well)
  • Are you members of the NAHB Remodelers and/or the Greater Lansing Home Builders Association?
  • Do you request all necessary building permits and inspections?
  • Have you faced any construction litigation for any of your work in the last several years?
  • Will you provide a waiver of lien if requested?
  • How will you handle the clean-up?
  • Will you provide me with the references and contact information of previous customers?

What do I need to ask a reference, or look for in the work done by this remodeler?

  • Trustworthiness is essential! If you are not comfortable with a prospective remodeler, move on to another candidate.
  • History of high percentage of repeat customers – No surprise here! If remodelers are not meeting or exceeding expectations, they will not return!
  • The professional remodeler will treat your home like it was his own – and you will never have cause to worry that your home is protected at all times during the remodeling process, and worker debris kept to a minimum.
  • Promptness and readiness – Your remodeler should keep all appointments on time, and show up prepared and ready to work when arriving at your home.

What do I need to ask a reference, or look for in the work done by this remodeler?

  • Was this remodeler easy to work with?
  • How well informed did this remodeler keep you along your work’s progress?
  • Was your worksite kept neat and clean on a regular basis, with debris hauled away?
  • Did you have any delays in labor or materials issues that caused your work to go over budget or time limit specified for your project?
  • Did you get the paperwork needed from your remodeler in a timely fashion?
  • If you had any problems, did the remodeler deal with them promptly and efficiently to your satisfaction?

Bottom line, if the answers lead to the fact that by reputation and your fact-finding, that this remodeler would have your business as well as your probable repeat business, your search for the best remodeler will be over! Contact us today for a free, no hassle estimate!

  • "Thanks for the good follow-up on all the work done."

    Mona K. East Lansing
  • “Thank you for doing such a great job. We are very pleased. . . It is going to be beautiful. Thanks again.”

    Linn & Bill B. Owosso
  • “Thanks for designing and implementing a great plan to enclose the living room/dining room.”

    Carolyn S. East Lansing
  • “Thank you very much for the good work.”

    Susan S. Lansing
  • “Thanks for a good job.”

    Peter S. East Lansing


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